Funds Raised

Dare we say, We are Different!! Over a period of time, the running culture has grown. The consciousness of a healthy lifestyle is spoken of and practiced in almost all homes. This has seen a spurt in the number of runs happening across the city all through the year.
Hiranandani Powai Run was conceptualized and started in 2012 when there weren’t so many runs. The first edition started primarily with 3 causes: (a.) Community Building with the Hiranandani Powai area, (b.) To promote a better lifestyle, and (c.) to raise funds for our projects. There were 2 distances – 4km and the 10km that were done in the first 3 years. The turnout was close to 1500 people then.
With the passage of time, we realized the need to take this initiative city wide and hence in 2015, we introduced the 21km Half Marathon. This added the dimension of serious running to the event, at the same time maintaining the earlier motives. 
We are happy and proud that the 2017 edition saw a turnout of 11,00+ runners, and now, while you are reading this we hope to have even more runners lining up for 2018.
The positive feedback from the runners, our sponsors and everyone involved keeps us going and keeps nudging us to do better each year. The smiles of the beneficiaries ratify our actions. 
DARE WE SAY WE ARE DIFFERENT. We think you should answer that!
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Official Website: http://www.thepowairun.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/runpowairun/
Thank you for being a part of our journey!